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dADD Dial A Designated Driver

 DADD Dial A Designated Driver Incorporated is the fastest growing and most respected Designated Driving Company in the Lower Mainland. And opening soon in The Okanagan Valley! If you have gone out or had company over and are serving alcohol, and are unable to drive home, and could blow over a BAC of .05, call us and we will get you and your car home safe. We will dispatch one car with two drivers to pick you up. One of our professional drivers, will drive you home in the comfort of your own vehicle, while the other car follows behind. We are about $10.00 more than a taxi on short runs and cheaper than a taxi on longer runs. We are a professional Designated Driving Service that offers “a Unique Service” in which you and your vehicle will arrive home safely and risk free after an event or outing. Do to the hours we work, we may miss daytime calls on occasion, but strive to answer the phone 24/7, if we do miss a call, we will get back to you promptly. The service not only gets you and your car home safely, it could save you thousands of dollars in fines and other charges incurred by getting a DUI, you can sleep well, knowing your car is home safe. There will be no need to figure out in the morning, how you will get back to your car. It is substantially less expensive than taking a cab home and back to get your vehicle in the morning. In addition having your car at home creates peace of mind. Nobody likes to be the Designated Driver that is our job, PLEASE don’t drink and drive. Personal and Corporate accounts can be easily opened, please contact for more information

. RIP Gordie Bonin aka 240 Gordie We woud like to send out a Thank You, to all of Gordie Bonins aka 240 Gordies Fans and for there kind works, stories and emotional support for this hard time for our Family! NHRA Article:

Hours of Operation

Sunday thru Thursday 5 PM - 3 AM

Friday and Saturday 5 PM to 5 AM